About Sam’s Dairy

Sam B
It all started when my friend asked me to start producing a homemade yogurt on a weekly basis for her stall in 2009. This little business has come a far way since those days with many products that have evolved out of the original yogurt recipe. Last year the Hermanuspietersfontein Food and Wine Market gave me my very own yogurt stall and the rest as they say is history.

I enjoy pairing the yogurt with various other natural products and creating food that is free from preservatives, growth hormones and pesticides. I love to live and eat healthy with my friends(customers are always friends first) and family. I also live in a beautiful seaside town, one of the last edens, which is largely pollution free.


2 thoughts on “About Sam’s Dairy

  1. Love it……..almost as much as I love you Sam. Welcome to the blogasphere. So looking forward to reading all you have to say and share…..will find my way out there one of these days to visit xxxx

  2. We are looking very forward to your visit and will be sure to prepare a little feast for you, to give you a warm Hermanus WELCOME! We are also looking very forward to this years Indaba. Come tractor and all… Thank you so much for everything. Sending much love xxx

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