Porcini Mushroom Pasta Sauce.

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I am wondering… how many of you know about the wonderful exotic mushrooms that are grown by our very own Nouvelle Mushrooms up the Hemel and Aarde Valley, right here in Hermanus? Well let me tell you if you have not discovered them, then you are in for a treat. You can find the fresh and dried mushrooms available in most of the Supermarkets in Hermanus. Jimmy also sells from their mushrooms on our market.

Market (480)

Market (475)

Today I am writing about the Dried Porcini Mushrooms from Nouvelle Mushrooms and the Umami Shake from Inspired Foods that we were fortunate enough to receive in our #FBI2014 (Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba) goodie bag. The dried mushrooms are very concentrated so don’t add heaps of them. They are a fabulous addition to your larder though, to use to flavor soups and stews.


*50g butter
*30ml all purpose flour
*15ml Umami Shake
*30ml of diced dried Porcini Mushrooms
*250ml cream
*250ml milk
*Indian Black Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper to taste.

I made a basic roux with the butter and the flour and added the Nouvelle Mushrooms and Umami Shake. If you find the roux is a little dry just add a little more butter. After allowing it to bubble for a few minutes, get your whisk ready and add the milk and the cream. Continue to stir with the whisk as the sauce will start to thicken. If you find it is too thick add a little more milk. Season with the salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Spoon the porcini sauce over any cooked pasta of your choice.

Please note: the dried mushrooms are not to be eaten as is, but to be rehydrated with a little water, or to be added to a sauce or stock.


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