Wild things…

Wild mushrooms.

Wild mushrooms.

The first time my friend from the Country Market gave these to me, I was caught between my curiousity for new things and my healthy sense of self-preservation. I pan fried the wild mushrooms in a herbed butter. We ate them on toasted bruchetta. I have to admit that half an hour later I was very glad to have suffered no ill-effects. I say this tongue in cheek, I love to live dangerously!

That first time was a bit daunting and I remember asking my culinary Facebook friends for a bit of advice. Needless to say a lot of jokes and recipes ensued and we had a good laugh, but I was very nervous about eating them though. I cant believe that was almost two years ago now.

Wild mushrooms have a different taste to cultivated, commercial mushrooms.

Wild mushrooms have a different taste to cultivated, commercial mushrooms.

Wild mushrooms have a vastly different taste to commercial cultivated mushrooms we purchase in the shops. The taste is smokier and more subtle. It still has an undeniable mushroom taste. We have also made soups and pasta with it and really enjoyed it.

Fried with butter and herbs.

Fried with butter and herbs.

*The best mushrooms I have ever eaten though, was prepared by a chef at The Lord Charles Somerset, at a wedding. He prepared the mushrooms in a rich, creamy soup. We could not get enough of that soup.


2 thoughts on “Wild things…

  1. I am very glad you survived the wild mushroom test haha….who else could make that awesome yogurt? 🙂 We used to go out as kids and forage for wild mushrooms after storms, which my mom prepared for us. Soo delicious! She used to use thyme and butter and obviously knew what was poisonous or edible xx

    • Hi Colleen, I do fear we may be a dying breed. Our children and grandchildren may not have the rich experiences that we have had. Everything is so packaged and prepared today. Going out and foraging for food may be a thing of the past. I DID however have a great amount of fun with the mushrooms. I always use real butter in cooking and I have been using a garlic and herb spice for quite a few years now, that works very well with this sort of thing. I should imagine though that fresh thyme would also work very well. Love to use fresh herbs in my food. Keep well and warm! There is a definite nip in the air. xxx

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